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Prime Minister’s Office Law and Policy Makers

The initiative is closely working with the law- and policy-makers who have an influence on the policy-making process in Bangladesh, including Members of Parliament (MPs), Bureaucrats and departments designated to work for the marginalized.

Citizen Groups’ Networks

Citizen groups are raising a voice in favor of the Dalits and adibashis to mobilize mass people, people of our concern, and community-based organizations.

Mass Media

Renowned print and electronic media publish and broadcast critical reports in an organized manner.

Community-Based Organizations

The Network of Non-Mainstream Marginalized Communities (NNMC) is working as a platform of Dalit and plainland ethnic minority organizations to bring local issues at meso level and establish a linkage to the national level.

APPG on Dalit and Plainland Ethnic Minorities

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National Advocacy platform for Dalits ans Plainlan...

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